9 Reasons why We Prefer Hydroponics Over Soil, and You Should Too!

why We Prefer Hydroponics Over Soil

The world is changing fast. There was a time where gardening was all about soil and its quality. Where gardening was all about getting your hands dirty. Well, this new year try giving things a friendly twist. Why not try something that’s totally new to you?

To all those who are looking for recourse to sand, then hydroponics might be a good idea. A lot of people are making a quick switch to hydroponics over the soil. However, hydroponic gardening was an idea that emerged centuries back, it gained momentum during the 21st Century.

While there are numerous reasons it becomes important to sort out the question, what is
hydroponics? Here you go,

It is a proven fact that plants absorb nutrients from the soil which acts as a conductor. Hydroponics is nothing but the process by which you cultivate plants and nurture your hobby in water. Through hydroponics, the nutrients are fed to the plants through the water. It is said to be an efficient technique. Hydroponics is opted for because plants grow faster than the similar one on the ground. Some of the types of hydroponics are as follows

  • Wick system
  • Flood and drain system
  • Water culture and
  • Nutrient film technique

There are a few other which you might consider as well. All seem to be equally effective.

Not yet convinced! Then its time we dive into the reasons as to why one should go in for
hydroponics system over the soil.

Nutrient Control

Just like humans need food to survive plants require various nutrients that should help it grow healthy. You get to decide what goes into your little plant’s tummy and when. Try out new nutrients and see how your plants respond to it.

You might be puzzled and raise the question, isn’t it too much work? The answer is no, not at all. In fact, it is much more effortless than the traditional method of farming. A few other
advantages which it might fetch you includes,

  • The major advantage which cases or gardeners derive by growing crops in a controlled arena is increased productivity. Hydroponics stimulate and encourage faster growth in the plant. Well, that is not possible in the normal type where the plant is used.
  • If the correct amount of nutrient and oxygen is provided there is a high chance that they might grow twice than that of the one in ordinary soil.
  • If you are a budding scientist then you might have fun doing it. A lot of people who are adapted to hydroponic farming claim that adding nutrients are the job they love the most. So you surely will have a fun time with it.
  • Get bigger fruits and tomatoes. Addition of nutrients causes plants to produce fruits and veggies which are larger.

Make Some Space

Space has been a manor concern to all those who are involved in soil-based farming.
Hydroponic farming on the other hand easily breaks over that barrier. You grow it almost
anywhere you want. It does not require a huge space as well. Some other advantages which you might fetch from it are as follows,

  • You don’t have to locate an area that receives great sunlight. An indoor arena which is secluded will also be a wonderful place to give a fresh start to your hobbies.
  • Also, the plants can be grown vertically. This saves a lot of space. Even if you aren’t satisfied with growing vertically you can look for ways and differentiate it as per your wish. There are a lot of options which you could find online. If that’s a bit costly, then we up the inner craftsman in you. Just watch some online videos and do it yourself.
  • The other reason which pushes people towards hydroponic farming is the possibility to grow plants and fishes simultaneously. You can allow your pet fishes to swim in the same place where you cultivate. This helps you in saving up on space.
  • The space between plants is too important when you are growing them in soil. That is not an issue in hydroponic farming. You can grow them closer to each other. Which means you can open your home to even more plants.


Are you busy with your work or study schedule? Are upset that gardening might be a heavy
work? Don’t worry. In hydroponic farming, you will not be required to spare much of your time.

Also, there isn’t heavy maintenance required. This makes it an easy go-to option for a lot of people.

Let’s me brief up on it for you.

  • If you are a farmer or a gardener who has grown plants in the soil you must be aware of weeds. Weeds can be real trouble in soil-based farming. They keep popping up out of nowhere irrespective of the time you spend on clearing them. This obstacle isn’t present in hydroponic cultivation.
  • No to soil means a big no bugs and insects. People might avoid growing plants considering the fact that it might attract insects. With the absence of soil, such a problem is sorted as well. So you can start buying some plants and start growing them.
  • Diseases are also forbidden from touching your plants. Because a lot of fertilizers are added to the plants along with the nutrients. So you won’t be required to worry about it plants dying from diseases.

Hence, you don’t have to adjust your either to do some weeding or to check your plants for
some diseases.

Fewer People More Profits

Farming and agriculture if it had to be done on a large scale requires a lot of people. Each task might require a unique skill set. But hydroponic farming you will not require anyone except you. This means you can make good on profits. Hence it isn’t labour intensive. You can simply involve your family and children and have a fun weekend cultivating. And there isn’t a need to split up the profits which you acquire by selling the produce.

Petite Roots

The roots of plants are small in hydroponic farming. This is because in soil-based farming the roots grow long in order to tap the nutrients that are present in the soil. But that need does come up in hydroponic farming. The required nutrients are made available directly to the plants. You can trim off the dead ends of the roosts also.

Other benefits are,

  • The plants no longer had to concentrate on roots. They can focus on their leaves and stem. This will ultimately result in bigger veggies and fruits.
  • When grown in soil, plants demand to be placed with sufficient gap in between. It won’t be a necessity in hydroponic farming. So you can grow them closer to each other. Thus, you can make more room for a variety of other plants as well.
  • This also means that there isn’t any restriction to growing them even if the place is small. So you can reshape your hobby.

No Chemicals

Agriculture or gardening might demand a lot of chemicals to be used. This might affect the healthy growth of plants. But hydroponics use less and less chemical when compared to it. The advantages derived include,

  • You can grow some veggies in a healthy environment and feed them to your family. This way you can take care of your family’s well-being as well.
  • There is less chance of any chemicals affecting the growth or nature of your plants. So you don’t have to worry a lot about it.
  • It also saves you from spending a lot of fertilizers and other pesticides. So giving hydroponic farming a try will not hurt your pocket in the long run.


With the growing tensions around pollution, people are shifting to methods which are eco-
friendly. If you are looking to make such a switch than hydroponic farming might be the answer. Some of the advantages include,

  • Water is a major concern among world leaders. The traditional method of farming requires a lot of water. But using Hydroponic comparatively has lesser water requirements. It saves about 90% of the water which might otherwise be used if you are growing with soil.
  • Normal methods of farming require a lot of cleaning and may also produce waste. But that may not be an issue in hydroponic farming at all.

One time investment

It is one of the best one-time investment. Once you have set the system then you will not be required to spend any more money on buying its essentials. You can simply enjoy farming.

In soil-based farming, a lot of maintenance had to go in. Which means it might be costly than you think. But in hydroponics, there is no place for such a question.

Climate change? No tension

Climate change is giving rise to a lot of tension among the world powers. But hydroponic
farming prevents such trouble. You don’t have to rely on rain or climate to get your plants
harvested. You can have everything under your control. Further, the product can be made
available throughout the year. Hence, there won’t be any demand related issues as well. All you have to do grow as much as you want. Also, you don’t have to wait for summer to sow new ones. You can do whenever it pleases you.

Fun Facts

Some of the important facts about hydroponics farming are mentioned below,

  • Soon we will be having plants grow on Mars and Moon. With the numerous sophisticated and complex environmental conditions that prevail on outer space, hydroponic farming has emerged to be a safe option. Scientists around the world are experimenting over it. So we would be seeing hydroponic farming in outer space very soon.
  • Many may not agree with it but the fact is Pots are in a way hydroponic as well.
  • It only needs about ¼ that if space. Hence, you can grow it anywhere.
  • With increasing population many are rooting for hydroponic might be the solution.

As you are pretty aware of various benefits you will derive from hydroponic gardening it’s time to answer some of the common questions.

Q) How can I set up my own Hydroponics garden?

A) Setting a hydroponic system is really simple. Get essential and necessary nutrients. Get a tank and mix the nutrients. Then add the plants. Then monitor and serve to its needs.

Q) How does the plant get nutrients in a hydroponic setup?

A) Watch a couple of YouTube videos and read a couple of magazines, then you are ready. You can prepare your own solution at home.

Q) What can be grown through Hydroponics?

A) Hydroponics allows you to grow a variety of plants including healthy vegetables, juicy fruits and medicinal herbs.

Q) How is Hydroponics different than aquaponics?

A) While hydroponics utilize water and nutrients to support plants, aquaponics creates a symbiotic ecosystem involving fishes and plants to support both their growths.

So with the above facts and figures in hand making the switch becomes easy peasy. Grow all you want as you have control over it. Making gardening and growing of plants a funfilled hobby. Have a fun time gardening!

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