Best 400 Watt Grow Light Bulbs

Before we check out the best 400 Watt Grow Light Bulbs, we will give an overview of grow light bulbs in general. In every hydroponic system, water dissolved mineral nutrients are used to grow plants instead of soil nutrients.

Typical tools are used which ensure excellent growth and produce is achieved in a timely manner. With hydroponic farming, people get to grow crops using artificial scientific means which save on land and give a lot of produce.

A grow light is one of the components of hydroponic farming. It emits electromagnetic light which is necessary and ideal for photosynthesis. The end result is accelerated maturity and production for the plants.

Grow lights are used where there is no sufficient supply of natural light or where enhanced lighting is needed for maximum productivity. Due to the various types and sizes of grow lights, they have different efficiencies.

A good grow light should be both economical and efficient to offer double gain to the user.

Uses of Grow Lights

  • They work to supplement low natural light levels so that maximum photosynthesis can take place.
  • They provide light where no natural sunlight can be found
  • They offer maximum light even at night for accelerated growth.
  • They can be used in greenhouses where crops are crowded to avoid stunted growth due to insufficient light for photosynthesis.

Best 400 Watt grow light bulbs

The following is a review of the best 400 Watt grow light bulbs that you can purchase online and get value for your money, They include:

The Metal Halide (MH) Bulb Feature

This bulb is of the same type as the high-intensity discharge bulb that is known to have high lumen per watt efficiency.

Metal halides bulbs play a role by emitting on the blue and violet parts of the light spectrum.

Their color is known to mimic the natural sunlight effect which many young plants need. It is, therefore, ideal in horticultural hydroponic farming when plants are still young and they need hastened growth.

They should be replaced after a year. This bulb has a Lumen of 36,000.

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High-Pressure Sodium Bulb Feature

HPS is known to be the most efficient since it emits the yellow/red light.

It is also known to emit small portions of all the other kinds of light colors. The red and yellow colors it emits are known to enhance blossoming and fruiting of plants.

When plants are grown under this light alone, they may elongate more than expected due to lack of blue light therefore proper mixture of lights should be done. It produces a 56,000 lumens.

It has a lumen of 56,000.

Our High-Pressure Sodium Bulb Feature Selection

High-Pressure Sodium Bulb Feature

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Gull Wing Reflector

gull wing reflectorIt is crystal clear that a bulb cannot distribute the light it produces uniformly to a wide area. A reflector would, therefore, serve as a light distributor ensuring that the small illumination produced by the bulb is fairly distributed to every plant for maximum and uniform growth. A reflector would also amplify the light thereby saving energy since the bulb would be consuming less watts but producing maximum light to every plant.

With an input of 110v – 240v you can be sure to efficiently use this 400 watt grow light perfectly without any failure.

Most of the products come with a wing reflector included.

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Made From German Aluminum

From the tender age of the plants to the old stage when they start producing, your grow light should be functioning excellently to ensure that there is no growth retardation of the plants.

The Aluminum is meant to make your grow light work for a long time without degrading in quality or efficiency.

Its outer parts or surfaces won’t rust including even the internal gears. And this allows the grow light to serve its intended purpose for long without breaking down.

Other features include light hangers and a special typical socket package to ensure that you use the grow light efficiently.


  • It enables quick growth of plants and fosters high volume produce.
  • The grow light is easy to set and use with a time controller
  • The light reduces risks of crop infection because of the quick growth
  • It promotes uniformity in growth because of the reflector and the two bulbs.
  • The grow light produces a high-volume of lumens as compared to watts consumed making it economical.


  • People must know which bulb to use because they work differently
  • Cannot cover a large land surface unless the user buys several of them
  • This light bulb does not come with a manual so you would need to ask the supplier or manufacturer.
  • Sometimes the light colors are not sufficient and efficient due to the low glowing capacity of the bulbs.

How Should I use the 400 Watt Grow Light?

Learning how to rationalize color usage is the main secret to achieving great produce through the grow light. Use Photo-synthetically Active Radiation (PAR) spectrum for enhanced growth or when plants are still young. The blue and red portions of the spectrum aid light absorption hence accelerating flowering and produce.

How Long Does the 400 Watt Grow Light Last?

An ideal 400 Watt Grow Light should work for at least 5,000 hours. Many people degrade its quality buy using it against the required rules, for example, using high voltage input or installing it in unconducive weather without protecting it.

What is Uniformity and why is it Important?

Uniformity is a situation whereby all the light produced is received in equal amounts by the plants for equal utilization and growth. It is good because it enables all plants to mature and produce at the same time. You can ensure that you achieve this uniformity through proper utilization of the reflector.

The Final Verdict on the 400 Watt Grow Light

The 400 Watt Grow Light is very important in domestic farming practices where people do not have sufficient land but they want to grow some crops.

This grow light can be installed in greenhouses or growing chambers to ensure that plants grow faster than expected and produce higher yields than normal.

It would only produce fantastic results when the perfect colors of the light spectrum are used on the right age of the plants.

Always source this product from a reliable manufacturer to ensure that you don’t get a fake one which will break down easily. Technology has advanced these bulbs so you are likely to find more complex ones that yield excellent effects – but you will need to know how to use them.

Watch this amazing video on Metal Halide & High Pressure Sodium Grow Light Bulbs


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