5 Best Hydroponic Grow Tent Kits

If you are thinking about hydroponics and, an important thing to consider will be where to grow your plants. This is a review of best hydroponic grow tent kits you can order online on Amazon. Growing some plants outdoors can be difficult, especially if you don’t have the access to land or you live in a place that’s too cold.

The next best thing would be to grow it inside your house in a dedicated room or even a shed, but most of us don’t have the space to dedicate to growing plants. The last and best option, then, would be to use a growing tent inside or outside of your house.

Hydroponic grow tent kits are the perfect option for the grower who lives in an apartment or simply doesn’t have space. They are also great for a grower looking to do some batch growing or even looking to expand their growing operation.

However, once you get on the internet and you start looking around for different hydroponic grow tent kits, you can find that there are so many out there, it can be hard to find just one.

That’s why we have selected 5 of the best hydroponic grow tent kits out there for you, so you don’t have to go scouring the internet or buying from some sketchy websites.

All of the products listed here are sold on Amazon and have free, fast shipping.

Top 5 Hydroponic Grow Tent Kits

After scouring the internet for hours, buying over 30 products and seeing the quality in grow room situations, we think we have found the best 5 that you can get!

There’s a hydroponic grow tent kit in this list for everyone, whether you want something small and compact, or something big and complex.

Let’s get started.

1. LA Garden Hydroponic Grow Tent Kit

LAGarden 48'x48'x78' 100% Reflective Diamond Mylar Hydroponics Indoor Grow...

View the LA Garden Hydroponic Grow Tent Kit on Amazon

This hydroponic grow tent company makes all kinds of hydroponic grow tent kits: in every price range and every size. That’s why this one’s number one. It comes in almost every size you could need and it’s a quality product.

This hydroponic grow tent kit is well-made and good to look at. Unboxing and putting it together was pretty easy, although the instructions could improve a little. If you are poor at following instructions, you may want to avoid this one!

The zippers on it are perfect and sturdy, meaning there is minimal light escaping the tent. All in all, this hydroponic grow tent kit is pretty high quality. It’s not the best one out there, but it’s well-made and it does the job adequately.

This company also has a few really awesome hydroponic grow tent kits that are able to be separated, which is a great feature.

This tent is a little more expensive than some of the other ones out there with higher size ranges. Some users of the product have found it hard to put together.

2. Urban Farmer Hydroponic Grow Tent Kit

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Check out the Urban Farmer Hydroponic Grow Tent Kit on Amazon

Urban Farmer’s hydroponic grow tent kits are quality products that are sold at a reasonable price.

The Urban Farmer Hydroponic Grow Tent Kit is pretty awesome. It is a mid-range hydroponic grow tent kit brand that we have had good experiences with in the past. Their grow tents are premium, and you get the same features that you would expect to find in many of the higher-end brands such as large D-shaped doors, smaller easy access doors on the side, a highly reflective interior, an all-metal inner frame, and ducting vents that close shut when not in use.

The enclosed, light-tight design is very effective. It has thick panels, velcro fasteners, and durable, well-made zippers. This helps protect the interior of the hydroponic grow tent kit as well as keep pests and bugs out. The material is also smell-controlling. It helps eliminate any odours that may come from the plants – which is a huge plus.

The reflective interior is made out of mylar which acts as a light reflector, increasing the amount of light in the tent when the lights are on.

Urban Farmer is another brand that has many sizes. Five, in fact. There are ones that are small enough to fit in a closet and others large enough to fit many plants.

All in all, we were very impressed with the make of this tent and its ease of use. The setup was easy. It is definitely one of the highest quality hydroponic grow tent kits out there and it comes at a great price.

3. Apollo Horticulture Hydroponic Grow Tent Kit

MARS HYDRO 3x3 Grow Tent Kit Complete 150W TS1000 Dimmable Full Specturm...

You can easily Buy the Apollo Horticulture Hydroponic Grow Tent Kit on Amazon

Apollo Horticulture’s hydroponic grow tent kits are some of the most popular in the market. In fact, Apollo Horticulture is an industry leader in hydroponics, selling quality products at reasonable prices. They are probably the most reputable company on this list.

Their hydroponic grow tent kits are premium, high quality, tents that are made from the best material. They have a thick design, with a complete mylar interior that is light proof and tear proof. It also has double stitching all through the fabric and heavy-duty zippers.

We found their tents to be especially easy to use, and the customer service that comes with them was amazing.

Something great about the customer service is that there is a 90-day guarantee on the products, and we actually tried it out. We got a quick response and we were refunded in good time. Very impressive for a product like this.

With these kits, you can install an inline fan or other kinds of ventilation through holes on the top, and they shut when not in use or they can be cinched shut when in use in order to block out the light. Their duct ports are also double layered in order to block out the light.

All in all, customer reviews on their products are very good. Most of the customers are satisfied and say that not only was this one of the highest qualities hydroponic grow tent kits that they have owned, but they are also especially satisfied with the price.

4. VIPARSPECTRA Hydroponic Grow Tent Kit

VIPARSPECTRA 96”x48”x80”Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent with Observation...

Find out more about the Viparspectra Hydroponic Grow Tent Kit on Amazon

The Viparspectra hydroponic grow tent kit is a large, affordable, two-door hydroponic grow tent kit. It is 96” X 48” X 80”.

For its size, it is quite affordable – at just under $200. It’s made of a heavy, high-quality Mylar that is stitched perfectly. This allows it to stay in place and block out light as well as absorb it. It is also fitted with high-quality zippers that have a seal on them to block light out from both the inside and the outside.

In general, customers love the Viparspectra hydroponic grow tent kit and it has 4 stars on Amazon. People love the size, the price, the features, the ease of use and most of all, the quality.

And speaking of the features – well, what we love about it is that it is easy to assemble, it has those two large doors, it comes with venting slots that can be closed if needed, it comes with a high-quality nylon shell, it has a mylar interior and it includes a removable PVC floor for easy cleanup.

5. Gorilla Grow Hydroponic Grow Tent Kit

Gorilla Grow Tent 4x4, Tallest Height-Adjustable, Industrial-Strength...

Check  the Gorilla Grow Hydroponic Grow Tent Kit on Amazon

The Gorilla Grow hydroponic grow tent kit is the most expensive hydroponic grow tent kit on our list, but it is the most high-quality one. It runs about $700, which is a little pricey, but it comes with plenty of really great features to go with it.

It has very thick, quality material, reflective mylar interior, and very large venting holes that can be closed while not in use and cinched shut while in use.

This Gorilla Grow hydroponic grow tent kit has amazing reviews on Amazon, with customers giving it a nearly 5-star rating. Customers all say that while it’s expensive, it’s worth the money.

One of its best features is that it has is a ceiling extender that makes the top of the hydroponic grow tent kit almost EIGHT feet tall! It is actually 7’11”, but we think it is close enough because that is by far the tallest hydroponic grow tent kit that we have run into.

It also has a nice little tool pouch that is handy and is definitely the biggest one that we have seen. The ceiling extender also acts as a nice bar that you can hang equipment on, and it can hold quite a bit of weight.

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