Vertical Garden Planters (Living Wall Planters)

Vertical Garden Planters have been developing, and 70 of cities already has adapted to the vertical garden for their home and indoor buildings. Living wall planter is highly growing and being the present hottest trend in vertical garden technology.

Why Vertical Garden Planters or Living Wall Planters?

The technology allows you to grow your favorite vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers in your home, that too in the minimal space and effort. They are sturdy, lightweight and act as a decorative element for your home and indoor areas.

Versatile, easy to install and compact. You need to choose the comfortable place where you are going to adapt this vertical garden planter, mount them to the wall, fence, etc. and cultivate the plants you prefer and watch your vibrant, fascinating living wall planters come to life.

Living Wall Planters are specially designed to hold the plants and soil when mounted to your fence or vertical surface. You can choose the preferred stylish frame for providing the astonishing look to your home.  You can check out the energy, texture and a new life to your indoor area.

Few Steps for Designing your Living Wall

Proceed below to check out few steps to design your vertical garden planters efficiently.

  • Choose the right place in your home that gets enough sunlight, shade, sea exposure, etc. to fix the living wall planters.
  • Pick a color palette, any dominant color and then some secondary colors for the contrast look.
  • Select any one varieties from spillers, thrillers, and fillers.
  • You can use Spiller plants to cover the pocket edges and add a frame along the wall edges.
  • You can use thriller as focal points so that you can check out the dynamic visual composition.
  • Use filler plants to fill and cover the pocket that lies between the plants; it’s better to use full plants for the result.
  • Once you have filled every plant, your wall should look lush and complete to provide the astonishing look to your home or indoor place.

How to create a Vertical Garden using Living Wall Planters?

This is simple, just follow the below steps for achieving the desired results.

  • The first thing is to know where are you going to place the vertical wall planters
  • Mark the holes as per the dimension for the mounting bracket.
  • Make it even, as a slight change can provide a clumsy look.
  • Now mount to the area where you have markets, and secure your bracket to the wall with the help of perfect tightening screws.
  • Correct fixing screws are important to hold your vertical wall planters steady.
  • Now rest the wall planter on the bracket.
  • Lay your planter horizontally and fill each of the cells with the potting mix
  • Now cultivate the plants into each cell of the brackets and press it firmly to fit them.
  • Do not forget to fix the extra air pockets with the potting even if they do not contain any plants.
  • Water well and tilt the planter to a 45-degree angle for 4 to 5 days until the plants take its root.
  • Now rest the planter carefully to the bracket securely.
  • If you think to add extra security, you can drill screw on each of the plantar sides to connect with the walls.

Few tips for the ideal Living Wall Planters

If you think, you need to develop an ideal and perfect type of vertical garden planters at your home, follow the steps provided below.

  • Ensure you fit the living wall near to the place that gets natural light and shade for the active plant growth.
  • If you are planting the brackets with young seedlings or plants, you need to leave the plant horizontally; you can keep it fixed vertically once they get established.
  • Do not overwater as there is a high chance for the fading.
  • If you found any dead plants in your vertical garden planters, immediately remove them to avoid spreading.
  • The living wall planters provide the vibrant look until you take care of it regularly.
  • While watering on the top, make sure you are not applying over water pressure to avoid soil spillage and overflowing.
  • If you think your plants are not getting enough sunlight, get used to the LED lights for plants from the store for the reliable plant’s growth.

Best Picks of Vertical Garden Planters

Once you are clear in fixing the living wall planters, the first step is to purchase the best vertical garden planters kit from the right manufacturer. You can get thousands of brands online if you are searching for the product, but knowing whether they are the reliable one is difficult.

To help you, our professional team has researched and tested few products and has listed the top five best living wall planters in this article, apart from that we have also selected the products based on customer reviews, ratings, performance, quality and considering other specifications.

Self Watering Living Wall Planter from GlowPear

Glowpear Self-Watering Mini Wall Planter

The leading and highly developed manufacturer of indoor and outdoor products have developed this living wall planter for the customers with unique and reliable features, and this ranks first in our best picks of vertical garden planters. The product is a self-watering product with much innovation which is set to revolutionize in the manner we grow food.

The technology used to let you know about the plants are fed at the right time; you never need to worry about the under watering, you need not take much maintenance in your busy schedule. The living wall planters come with clean lines, aesthetic look and have used high-grade premium quality materials for the growth.

The technology involves enough planting depth to achieve the great results with the range of vegetables, ornamental plants, herbs, fruits, and flowers. The BPA-free food-safe construction along with the super footprint helps to produce nutritious organic food in your home.

Each unit of the planter has their water indicator so that you can fill the water once they get completed in the reservoir. The modular design enables the planter to stand alone or connect with the extra vertical modules within the required space. There are four different level options for watering the living wall planters. Constant nourishment is possible with the help of regular watering.

The price of the product is high but worth the penny invested on them, the planters weight about 7.7 pounds and comes with the dimension of 23.6X8.8X10.1 inches.

Special Feature:

The BPA-free food-safe construction along with the super footprint.

Key features:

  • self-watering system,
  • real-time level indicator.


  • built-in drip tray,
  • for indoor and outdoor.

Our Rating:   ( 5 / 5)

Glowpear Self-Watering Mini Wall Planter
  • The versatile vertical. Simple wall mounts allow the Mini Wall to be attached in any...
  • Optimise growing conditions for fruit, vegetables and herbs due to the generous soil depth and...
  • Plants take what water they need when they need it due to the integrated self-watering system....

Vertical Garden Planter Starter Kit from Vertibloom

Vertibloom Living Wall Garden Starter Kit - Modular Indoor Vertical Planter...

The manufacturer has many successful awards for their high reliable gardening products, this living wall planters from vertibloom has ranked second in our best picks of vertical garden plants.

The planting system can be installed in seconds; you can develop an attractive and alluring vertical wall garden with the help of this living wall planter kit. This product is child resistant so that you need not afraid about your kids touching the wall planters. Choose the desired space where your plant can get enough shade and sunlight and then fix the product to the wall.

There is chance for mess or drips so that your home remains tidy and dry, not much maintenance is required for the wall planters. You can fix it anywhere near to a window or any comfortable place or as a decorating wall planter in your home.

The kit indulges two mounting boards for setting up your vertical wall planters, one large and two small pods for herbs and two small and one large pod for flowers. There are trays for draining purpose; these trays can be removed for the cleaning purpose.

Apart from that the perfect screws, brackets, anchors, connectors are all available within a single kit. As the pods have a flat bottom, you can move it to the windows or any place you prefer for the extra light and shade. The price is affordable and weight about 3.5 pounds, available with the dimension of 14.8X14.2X3.9 inches.

Special Feature:

The planting system can be installed in seconds.

Key features:

  • includes drip tray,
  • flat bottom wall planter.


  • easy to instal in seconds,
  • child safe design.


  • For tiny plants only.

Our Rating:   ( 4.9 / 5)

Vertibloom Living Wall Garden Starter Kit - Modular Indoor Vertical Planter...
  • Brand New in box. The product ships with all relevant accessories

Living Vertical Wall Planters from Invigorated Living

8 Pocket Vertical Garden Planter – Living Wall Planter – Vertical...

Most of the customers have preferred the product for their high allure look and the high reliable materials used; this living wall planter ranks third in our best picks of vertical garden planters.

You can grow any fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits and flowers, ideal for hanging and fitting into the wall for providing lush and vibrant looking vertical garden. Can use in any space of your home, perfect for balcony planters, also can be utilized as a wall planter for small and large yards, patios, apartments, community gardens, and schoolyards.

The metal grommets or eyelets in the garden pot make the installation easy, the superior design is perfectly designed to fit the modular home gardening. Enjoy the fresh vegetables, fruits, and flower with your family, the nutrients you absorb from your vertical garden is high when compared to the ones you get from the store.

The vertical garden plants do not contain any harmful substances; they have the tendency to remove any harmful VOC that comes from cleaning products, carpets, air conditioners, refrigerators, cosmetics, etc., these VOC can cause devastating illness, diseases, and weak immune system.

The manufacturer is providing 100 percent replacing guarantee as well as satisfaction back option if the customer’s found them useless or not fittable, is about 1.1 pounds and comes with the dimension of 11.8X0.4X39.4 inches. While considering the price, they are affordable.

Special Feature:

It is easy to hang on wall with the help of metal grommets or eyelets in the garden pot.

Key features:

  • pocket vertical kit design,
  • waterproof material used.


  • made of eco-friendly recycled material,
  • slow-release irrigation system.


  • Dries out quickly.

Our Rating:   ( 4.8 / 5)

Vertical Gardening Living Wall Planters from Koram

KORAM 7 Pockets Vertical Garden Wall Planter Living Hanging Flower Pouch...

If you need to provide the alluring and vibrant look to your home wall with the help of the high efficient living wall planter, then this vertical gardening planter from Koram is the right choice, this ranks fourth in our best picks of living wall planters.

The garden planter can be hand any place in indoor and outdoor areas like fence, yards, balconies, schoolyard, patios, apartments, community garden, etc. The pocket type vertical garden planters enable you to grow plants in the system and therefore would be the covering the large wall areas.

Each pocket is designed with steady and slow release irrigation along with the high water retention for avoiding the staging water. No toxic materials are used and are eco-friendly, exist longer and light in weight. Also used as organizer pocket and provides the easy solution for the vibrant wall garden.

These living wall planters are the perfect solution for brightening your unused or ugly indoor or outdoor area with flowers, vegetables, fruits, herbs, and greeneries. Apart from that, they protect you from toxic materials that get released from refrigerators, air conditioners, etc. and improves your health.

The price is less when compared to other vertical garden planters, is just 8 ounces and available with the dimension of 15X1X1 inches.

Special Feature:

All the seven pockets are designed with slow and steady irrigation system.

Key features:

  • 7 pockets available,
  • remove harmful Volatile Organic Chemicals.


  • steady water irrigation,
  • two diffrent size models.


  • Little messy.

Our Rating:   ( 4.7 / 5)

KORAM 7 Pockets Vertical Garden Wall Planter Living Hanging Flower Pouch...
  • ☘ 【 FEATURES 】: KORAM 7 pockets are designed with achieve the perfect combination of high...
  • ☘ 【 WATERPROOF 】: The back of the grow bag has a waterproof layer, which can effectively...
  • ☘ 【 MOVE RANDOMLY 】: Pocket Size: 10.2 x 5.9 x 4.7inches. Body Size: 36.2 x 11.8...

Wall Mounted Vertical Garden Planters from Glovion

Vertical Garden Planter, Glovion Wall-mounted Planting Pouch Grow Bag for...

The manufacturer has been awarded multiple rewards just for this living wall planter product, and this ranks fifth in our best picks of vertical garden planters. They come with 18 pockets for growing various types of herbs, flowers, vegetables, green salad, etc.

The planters do not contain any harmful substances like herbicides or pesticides, and therefore you can enjoy the nutritious vegetables, fruits that have been developed in your home with joy. The food from this vertical garden planters is highly nutritious when compared to the ones you get from the store.

Easy to install and fix it, light in weight and therefore you can move the planters to any place at your home quickly and best to grow tomatoes, flowers, herbs, etc. provides excellent irrigation and building with the help of the recycled materials, and they are environment-friendly and perfect for long term use.

You can add this to any unused or ugly indoor or outdoor places to make it look decorative and vibrant. Each size of the pocket is about 100 cm in length and 50 cm in width. You can connect multiple bags for covering larger areas in your walls.

Using the vertical garden planters is simple, you need just to hang the planters on the hook. Now the water gets dropped automatically; you can add extra water if needed. The price of the product is low, weighs just 13.6 ounces and available with the dimension of 13.2X10.4X2.5 inches.

Special Feature:

This is made of recycled materials and designed with excellent irrigation system.

Key features:

  • 18 pockets,
  • eco-friendly felt used.


  • easy to hang and remove,
  • green colored.


  • Place for the plant is small.

Our Rating:   ( 4.6 / 5)

Vertical Garden Planter, Glovion Wall-mounted Planting Pouch Grow Bag for...
  • Vertical style with18 Planting Pockets :Size :approx 100x50CM( 39.4"X19.7inch) (L/W) ; Each...
  • ECO-friendly recycled materials, long -term using, premium Strong & Durable Felt for excellent...
  • Easy to Hang & Fixed

Bottom Line

Hope you are clear in choosing the right type of Vertical Living Wall Planters for your indoor or outdoor area efficiently from the above guide and best brand picks, you can share your ideas and thoughts on living wall planters with us through the comment section below.

Have you ever used this vertical garden planter for decorating your indoor or outdoor area?




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