Love gardening? Here’s Your Ultimate Guide to Green Walls

Green walls (also known as plant walls, living walls or vertical gardens) have become an increasing trend of built environments in recent years. Integrating living nature into urban environments not only looks much more inviting but also has a number of other benefits and purposes.

Whether indoors or outdoors, free-standing or wall-attached, there is a suitable green wall for almost any situation. Green walls are comprised of plants that are arranged into a growing medium and then places on the walls of buildings and properties to provide greenery and the advantages of plants but using a minimum of horizontal space.

Green walls are built much the same way actual walls are. They are constructed with a skeletal structure that is hung with sections containing the plants and flowers that will make up the Green Wall.

Green walls differ from facades, which are often seen climbing up the outside walls of buildings, using them as structural assistance. In green walls, the growth medium is on the ground or structure of the wall, whereas facades are rooted in the ground. Moreover, the greenery of facades can take a long time to grow enough to cover an entire wall, while green walls may be pre-grown.

Requirements For a Green Wall

Basic requirements for setting up a green wall are

  • Choose the right space: You can create a living plant wall on any solid wall or fence build straight on to the side of your house, a garden wall or even a sturdy shed. For indoors a custom made wooden wall allows you the autonomy to move it from room to room.
  • Display options: When it comes to mounting or hanging a vertical garden in your home, the options are vast. You can build your own frame to suit the space or buy a pre-made frame made out of wood, recycled synthetic material (water bottles), steel with felt pockets or some other reliable support.
  • Selection of plants: For interior living walls that have access to biological and artificial light, there are various possibilities for your vertical garden which could be formulated in terms of a color palette or as a single species showcase.
  • Get watering: Starting at the top, water your wall with a hose or watering can. The reservoir policy is designed to keep plants watered for up to two weeks.
  • Green up your wall: Fill the planters with your chosen plants using 12-13cm pots. Either eliminate the plants from their pots and plant them straight into the planters or to make changing the scheme really easy, place the pot promptly into each planter, making sure the pot touches the reservoir base.

How to Set up The Green Wall

Step to step process for installation is given as follows

Step 1: Mounting the master tank
Initiate the master tank level in the bottom right corner of the wall.

Step 2: Joining Tanks
Fix the grommets and push them through the connector pipe to join the tanks.

Step 3: Mounting the secondary tank
Set the spacing between the tanks to between 0”- 1.58” to modify the width of the system. Place the level of the tank with each other and insert the stopper on the last tank.

Step 4: Install the drop sheet (optional)
The drop sheet changes the direction of water that escapes the pots due to installation or maintenance errors.

Step 5: Attach the rails to the tanks
Use the pilot holes given on the tanks to install the bottom screw on each rail.

Step 6: Level the rails and secure them
Level the rails and introduce the top screw on each of them.

Step 7: Stack and cut the rails
Cut the rails on notches provided, to your desired height.

Step 8: Pump assembly
Attach the first section of the irrigation pipe.

Step 9: Pump Installation
Position the assembled pump into the master tank, then place the irrigation pipe through the notch provided in the master tank.

Step 10: Install irrigation pipe
Install the irrigation pipe using the supplied cable ties to secure to the wall. Use the pipe connectors given to join the pipes.

Step 11: Install drippers
Stab holes in the pipe above the rails. Install the dripper and make sure it’s stuck in at a 45º downward angle.

Step 12: Extend drippers
Extend the dripper and insert it into the pot.

Step 13: Plant your seedlings
Transplant your seedlings from their grow pots, into the planter bags. Tie each bag into a hex pot.

Step 14: Pot installation
Clip the pots onto the rails and assure they’re all properly aligned. It’s simpler to load pots from bottom up.

Step 15: Test the Irrigation System
Test that all the drippers are inserted correctly into the pots. Test run the irrigation system for 1 to 2 hours and look out for leaks.

Top Tips for Living Plant Walls

  • If you’re assembling your green wall to the side of a house, we recommend attaching a waterproof membrane to the wall before you begin, to prevent damp issues.
  • The living plant wall needs watering around every two-three days depending on climate (unless you’ve chosen to add a voluntary irrigation system), more in summer – check by sticking a finger into the soil to see if the compost is dry.
  • As for plant care, if you’ve chosen flowering plants, as always, you’ll desire to deadhead flowers to encourage new blooms later in the season.
  • Foliage plants such as heucheras and ferns should be tidied up by snipping off tatty leaves, as needed.
  • Annuals, in particular, usefulness from a liquid feed every couple of weeks in summer, although any display that’s in place for any duration of time will need feeding to keep it looking its best.

Here is the ultimate guide for the best green walls you can find.

1. Yinuoday Vertical Wall Garden Planter

The green wall is a new type of indoor and outdoor wall greening, green to your walls and to make it more beautiful.

They are also suitable for indoor decoration, a large piece of a green wall of collocation’s green plants can make people feel comfortable.

Check out these amazing features of the product

  • The felt material provided meets environmental standards
  • Supplied with 70 pockets
  • It is completely non-toxic and biodegradable keeping it eco-friendly nature on point
  • This product is anti-ultraviolet.
  • It comes along with anti-corrosion properties
  • It will provide your plants with adequate sunscreen and heat.
  • Hanging these on the walls saves a lot of space
  • It can be used for plantings like strawberries, vegetables, foliage plants.
  • This is 100% Reusable and portable.
  • Its feature makes it economical and practical
  • Excess water will automatically drain through felt material
  • Soft felt and lightweight design that makes it easy for movement and hanging.

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2. Prudence Vertical Wall Garden Planter

Do you love the outdoors and gardening, and would like a unique way of decorating an outdoor wall?

Would you like a premium wall planter that can hold up to thirty-six different varieties of plants?

If so, the Prudence Gardens 36 Pocket Vertical Wall Garden Planter is the best garden planter for you!

Don’t miss out these amazing features

  • It has a maximum capacity for a great garden!
  • It is made of eco-friendly materials
  • It is nontoxic materials which provide aa and a safe environment
  • It is designed for long term use.
  • It Can be easily fixed to a wall using reinforced metal eyelets for strength.
  • By using this You can match several planters together to cover large wall areas.
  • To avoid possible water damage, it is recommended to keep a gap from the wall or add a water-resisting layer in between.

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3. Worth Vertical Wall Hangers

Make the most out of all garden space with the Worth Garden modular wall planter kit. This kit comes with 12 units each made up of 3 pockets, giving you a total of 36 pockets to grow your desired plants.

Combine them any way you like, to build a vertical garden suitable for your area. With the automatic dripping system, you’ll find it easier to make sure your plants are hydrated without over-watering.

Here are amazing aspects of this product

  • These self-watering planter pots have a well designed automatic dripping system compatible with American standard taps.
  • Water from the tap drips on the topmost row and moves down to each succeeding row to ensure all plants are adequately watered but no stagnant water remains.
  • The size of each pocket provides adequate room for your plants without wasting any precious space in a small apartment or a limited outdoor area.
  • Grow a variety of herbs, perennials, succulents, houseplants or vegetables in just a single area at home.
  • Use a few wall hanging planter in one area or use them all. You can even add more layers to your vertical garden by purchasing additional compatible vertical garden pots.
  • These wall flower pots are crafted from a durable propene polymer material, which makes them suitable for either indoor or outdoor use.
  • These are also lightweight at only 1.6 lbs so you can easily mount it on your walls, balconies, or railings without the fear of them falling down.
  • They can easily be secured in place with regular screws.
  • The division makes it easy to separate the plants so that they don’t compete with the nutrients in their soil.

Why Worth Garden Vertical Planter

  • worth garden six-pocket vertical hanging garden wall mounted self-watering flower plant pots
  • Designed to water plants more efficiently.
  • Easy to Assemble/Disassemble, just three screws will hold one set of pockets in place.
  • Durable Long-Lasting Quality
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use
  • Perfect for Small Spaces
  • The wallflower pots are lightweight so you can easily mount them on walls, balconies, or
    railings without the fear of them falling.

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4. Algreen garden view Vertical Living Wall Planter

Imagine seeing beautiful flowers bloom just outside the window hanging up on your fence. Or enjoy herbs at the perfect ergonomic height so there’s no need to bend down when you want to pluck off fresh greens for your meal.

You’ll save money while beautifying your home and living a healthier lifestyle. The Garden view planter is also a perfect option for indoor decor were seeing so many plants, flowers or herbs just feels good for the soul.

The green vertical wall planters are the best you can get for wall planters and here are the amazing features you need to check out.

  • Slots provided in this allow for different planter heights and position
  • Classic design with decorative trellis backing is sure to complement your decor
  • If you’re using the Garden View indoors, remember to close the drain on the bottom planter
  • The narrow design and hanging feature mean that the Garden View takes very little space and fits many different spaces in your home, both indoor and outdoor.
  • A weather-resistant treatment is applied to the wood frame to protect the Garden View from the elements. The wood can also be painted to match your home’s decor.
  • Simply hang the Garden View with the 2 provided screws and enjoy your decorative living wall planter every time you look out your window!
  • Grow healthful herbs all year round, just make sure your vertical garden planter is exposed to enough sunlight.
  • This living wall planter measures: 24-inches Width x 32.75-inches Height x 6-inches Depth.

Why Green Garden View Wall Planters?

  • Algreen S garden view vertical planter allows you to hang your planter on your fence, deck or wall!
  • The garden view includes integrated slots for customized positioning of the 3 planters.
  • Create an impactful decorative garden feature to enjoy anytime you look out your window.
  • The garden view can also be used indoors as a warm & decorative hanging feature just waiting for a personal touch.
  • They Fit Almost Anywhere

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5. Phoenix vital life Vertical Garden Wall Planter Kit

This phoenix vertical garden offers the ultimate in modular vertical gardening systems for any living wall project, from small backyard hand-watered vertical gardens, courtyards, patios, even tiny homes all the way to fully automated corporate feature walls.

It’s up to your imagination how you would like to display your garden. Green walls, edible wall gardens, and vertical gardens have never been easier with our simple clip & create modular planters!

Using the 11 plus different layout combinations, you can make the most of a small space with the multiple layouts create a large green space. The installed frame measures 19 inches by 19 inches.

The vertical garden planter kit comes with 3 heavy-duty and many features like

  • It consists of UV resistant frames and 9 UV resistant planters, 12 screws and 12 wall plugs.
  • This Vertical Garden is easy to install and comes with 3 frames that attach to the wall.
  • The 9 pockets clip into the frames. If you decide you no longer like the plants and want to change one plant, it’d very easy to do so.
  • The sloping wall design lets you slip the existing plant out and replant the replacement in fresh potting mix.
  • All you need to install the kit is included- frames, pockets, screws, and plugs for brick walls.
  • The pots easily clip on and off the mounting frame so if you are growing herbs or vegetables, you can bring them into the kitchen for harvesting.
  • The simple design makes rearranging the layout of your vertical garden super easy!
  • Add multiple kits together to create your vertical garden to any size or shape you desire!

Why the Phoenix Wall Planter?

  • It has Multiple Display Combinations that’s Create Perfect Sizing Solutions
  • You can Grow Flowers, Succulents, Herbs, Ferns, Orchids, Vegetable And More
  • Very Easy To Take 1 Individual Planter Out To Replace Plants
  • Suitable for Patio, Courtyards, Tiny Homes, Verandahs, Brick Or Wood Walls
  • 11 plus layout options are available
  • The versatile layout of design options means the Planter can literally fit any sized space.
  • It's really easy to change out plants in a matter of a few minutes.

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6. Watex Expandable Green Wall

Give your wall a facelift with this beautiful modular design. Create a green wall indoors or out in the patio and expand it vertically or horizontally or in any creative patterns you like. No more worry about space issues.

An easy to install and ideal for small space gardening, Watex Expandable Green Wall gives you a creative way to grow plants. Reduce the carbon footprint and grow vertically! Perfect for summers when plants help in reducing the heat and adding moisture to your space and making it a cooling zen space for you to hang out.

The easily expandable function makes this Expandable Green Wall perfect for those who want to start small and can be expanded later on making it their own Green design wall. A perfect green screen for the patios which helps in reducing noise, air pollution and gives you your personal space without compromising the beauty.

Don’t Miss Out on These Amazing Features

  • Create a wall to add decor and private space.
  • Each panel comes with 8 pots and 8 drippers for each individual pot.
  • The panel has pipework pre-installed, therefore a water supply pipeline that runs behind the Green Wall panel enables ¼” tubes to deliver water accurately to a dripper positioned at each pot.
  • Green Wall panels can easily hang side by side then be ‘clicked’ together to connect a continuous water supply.
  • It offers a great solution for the amateur gardener who lives in the urban area and wishes to grow living plants in the limited footprint living space.
  • Each green wall panel comes with eight individual pots, which means you can grow eight different types of herbs in one green wall panel. You can get any fresher herbs than that!
  • Allows pots to be hung and removed from the panel very easily.
  • This product is environmentally friendly and economical.
  • The dripping watering method is a great water-saving irrigation solution in gardening, and it’s only minimizing water usage and save water bills.

Why Water Expandable?

  • You can go vertical, horizontal, square, zig-zag or whatever your heart desires. The options to go creative are endless.
  • This is fun to grow beautiful flowers and plants. The study has shown plants help reduce stress and create a feeling of wellbeing.
  • It is eco-friendly and saves a lot of water
  • Expandable in both vertical or horizontally.
  • Great for small space gardening

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7. Home Oniship Art Deco Indoor Wall Planter

The fact that the plants are also purifying the quality of your indoor air is an added benefit. Add some pretty flowering petunias for pops of color and run the planter frames clipped together or individually diagonally across the wall.

This is possible with the brand new home oniship indoor wall planter. Enjoy your Garden View garden wherever you choose. Vertical planters are especially stunning indoors and help bring a sense of peace and serenity.

Rethink the traditional hanging plant and WOW your guests with the ‪artsy rustic chic‬ Home Oniship Indoor Wall Planter which provide you with the following amazing factors

  • Use the included liners to prevent leaks. 3- 4.5-inch diameter pots per panel. Priced per panel.
  • Each unit is handmade with solid hardwood and renewable materials, direct from the design crafter’s workbench, not a factory.
  • Grow your garden year-round with the Home Oniship Indoor Wall Planter (patent pending)
  • 3-4.5-inch diameter galvanized steel pots per 24Lx6Wx1D panel
  • Use the included BPA free plastic liners to retain moisture between watering and prevent leaks

Why Homeownership?

  • Fill your kitchen with fresh herbs all year round, or fill them with your favorite house plants.
  • Ready to hang.
  • Hangs just like a picture frame
  • Each row (one panel of 3 pots) is sold separately

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q.) What does a green wall do?

A.) Green walls are comprised of plants that are inserted into a growing medium and then places on the walls of buildings and properties to provide greenery and the benefits of plants but using a minimum of horizontal space.

Q.) How is a green wall constructed?

A.) Follow the above-mentioned steps

Q.) What are the pants I can plant in my green wall?

A.) Any plants, herbs, flower plants can be grown.

Q.) How much does a green wall cost?

A.) It depends on the brand you choose and the product you choose

Q.) Can a green wall be constructed indoor?

A.) Yes. It can be.

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