11 Best Dutch Buckets for Your Home in 2022

How Dutch buckets can revolutionize your garden

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without the use of soil. Instead of soil, mineral
nutrient solution is used in water to grow the plants. Hydroponics is a much efficient method than intensive agriculture as it uses very less amount of water. Comparatively speaking, to grow a kilogram of tomatoes nearly 400 litres of water is required in intensive farming where as in hydroponics this can be achieved with just 70 litres of water.

One of the simplest hydroponic is the Dutch bucket system, also known as the Bato system.

Dutch buckets have been used extensively in US and Europe. They can be connected easily, allowing the system to be of any required size. The first look of the Bato system may not be very impressive but this system feature the ability to use a single watering line and a single drainage line for multiple media beds when lined up together.

In this ultimate guide for the new decade, we review the 11 best Dutch buckets that you can buy. We pick the best among the best and also answer all the common doubts at the end. But first let us take a look at the criteria on the basis of which we have reviewed these products.

Ease of use

Dutch buckets are supposed to make your work easier. You would not want to add something more troublesome in your already difficult farming regime. We’ve made sure that the systems we have tried out are easy to use and reviewed them accordingly.


At first glance the Bato system looks quite fragile. But whether it’s indoor farming or outdoor farming, durability is always the key. Hence we have kept the longevity of each product in mind while reviewing them.


While Bato buckets can be used to grow virtually any plant type indoors, they are especially
useful for vining crops like tomatoes and cucumbers, as well as for growing larger plants. It’s also interesting to note that vining plants can be trained upward, as well as horizontally, to create living walls of plants that are easy to monitor and, after fruiting, easy to harvest.

USP of the product

With so many Dutch buckets in the market, each system must have something unique to
differentiate itself from the competition. The unique selling point of each Bato system has been duly considered while reviewing.

Dutch Buckets Reviewed –

1. Artisun Technology 10 – Pack Hydroponic Dutch Bucket Pot

Artisun offers a 10-pack Dutch buckets set. The buckets are black in colour and come with drain siphon elbow fittings. The buckets mount directly on top of water collection pipe for efficient recycling of water.

The drain fittings maintain required level of water or nutrients in base of bucket. The water
solvent or the mineral nutrition are drip fed from top and drain from bottom back to reservoir.

The material used is food grade UV resistant plastic.

The capacity is around 11 liters. The weight is 13oz. The dimensions of the product is roughly 12 inches X 11 inches X 9 inches. The plastic is not very sturdy but will last long if there’s no major physical impact.

Why we like this

  • Efficient water recycling
  • UV resistant plastic
  • Great capacity

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2. HTG Supply Bubble Brothers 6-Site DWC Hydroponic System

Whether you are a pro or a newbie, Bubble Brothers’ hydroponics range will be comfortable to use. The 6-bucket hydroponic system can accommodate six medium size plants and comes with high-quality clay-pebble grow medium.

Aeration is the key to DWC performance, which is why Bubble Brothers systems include a larger commercial pump and higher quality air stones than similar systems.

Bubble Brothers outperforms similar units because these components provide the increased oxygenation and better diffusion that is truly needed to produce amazing plants in no time.

Why we like this

  • Increased oxygenation
  • Great diffusion
  • High quality grow medium

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3. Hydrofarm HG3G 3 Gallon Single Bucket

The 3 Gallon bucket by Hydrofarm is a great option for containing and transporting both liquid and solid goods. It is available only in black.

The bucket is ideal for building your own hydroponic or aquaponic system. The functionality of the bucket as a reservoir in the Bato system is unquestionable.

The steel handle of the bucket comes with an ergonomic grip. The material used is HDPE, please note it is not food safe. The bucket is BPA free.

Why we like this

  • BPA free material
  • Durable
  • Great grip

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4. Abbaponics 4 Site Hydroponic DWC Bucket System

The Bubble Monster by Abbaponics is a complete 4 site Dutch buckets system. It comes with everything that you would need to start growing crops immediately.

The hydroponic system comes fully equipped with 4 net pots, 4 (2 gal) reservoir tanks, a 4
outlet air pump with 4 air stones, starter nutrients, clay pebbles and rockwool.

The system is fairly simple and quite economical to use by anyone. Since it comes with an air pump there is no need for a reservoir. This system is great for lettuce herbs and pepper plants.

Why we like this

  • Easy to install
  • Great pumping
  • Good for smaller plants

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5. Viagrow Black Bucket Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System

Viagrow offers a single bucket hydroponic system. The bucket is available only in black colour.

The black grow bucket comes drain and water level indicator tube.

The check valve keeps the water from flowing back into the air pump. The bucket is topped with a 6 inch mesh ring. The set is accompanied by a pH test kit.

The pH of the nutrition material needs to be balanced, so the kit is quite a handy tool. The
connections in this bucket can loosen at times, which can be troublesome.

Why we like this

  • Good check valve
  • pH kit
  • Durable mesh ring

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6. Viagrow 4-Site Hydroponic Deep Water Culture Vegetative System

A good system for starters is the Viagrow 4-sute hydronic system. The system has a single 5 gallon bucket with 4 net cups. It is good for smaller plants.

The small plants grown in this system can be removed and transplanted into a larger system as and when required. The diameter of the net pots is around 2 inches.

The set comes with an air pump, air stone and clear tubing. The nutrients must be brought
separately. This Dutch bucket system is slightly costly but not a bad option for starters.

Why we like this

  • Good for new growers
  • Easy to setup
  • Easy to maintain

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7. HTG Supply 3.5-Gallon Bubble Boy Single Shot

The Bubble Boy by HTG Supply is a very efficient and practical DWC system. Bubble Boy systems include a larger dual-outlet air pump and higher quality air stone than similar systems.

These components provide the increased oxygenation and better diffusion that is truly needed to produce amazing plants in no time. A really good option when it comes to improved aeration.

The Bubble Boy Single Shot 3.5 gallon system accommodates one medium size plant and comes with high-quality Hydrostone clay pellet grow medium.

Why we like this

  • Increased oxygenation
  • High quality grow medium
  • Large air pump outlet

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8. HTG Supply 5-Gallon Bubble Boy Single Shot XL

Another offering by HTG Supply in its Bubble range is the Bubble Boy 5-Gallon Single Shot. The assembled system (bucket) measures 14-1/4″ tall x 12″ wide.

The complete pack includes a Heavy-duty 5-gallon bucket, 10″ net-pot lid, powerful 7.8 liter-per-minute (123 GPH) adjustable dual-outlet air pump, larger 4″ air stone, hydrostone grow medium, air tubing & 1/4″ connector.

The heavy-duty black reservoir and factory-pressed lid ensure the reservoir remains dark to help guard against algal growth and keep roots white and healthy.

Why we like this

  • Protection from algae
  • Adjustable pump
  • Large air stone

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9. Artisun Technology Hydroponic Dutch Bucket System

The Artisun Technology Hydroponic system comes with 8 Dutch buckets (2 rows of 4) that rest on a pvc frame with integrated drainage system.

The recirculating pump in the 27 gallon reservoir tank feeds the perfect level of hydroponic
nutrients to crops through 16 drippers. The Dutch buckets have an elbow drainage system to provide the correct water level for optimal root health.

The Dutch buckets have an elbow drainage system to provide the correct water level for
optimal root health. Easy setup with interlocking pipes. All components fit in reservoir tank for easy ship and storage.

Why we like this

  • Elbow drainage for optimum water level
  • Great dripping system
  • Interlocking pipes

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10. General Hydroponics WaterFarm GH4720 Farm Controller

This complete kit comes with eight WaterFarm module units with 13-gallon reservoir and 8-gallon controller unit. The WaterFarm is General Hydroponics’ best selling hydroponic module.

The Controller will keep each unit topped off with the correct level of nutrient for low
maintenance. The nutrient solution is circulated by GH’s Dual Diaphragm Air Pump.

The WaterFarm 8-Pack is the system for big growers. It can be expanded to a maximum of 12 grow sites for one controller. The product is easy to set up.

Why we like this

  • Expandable upto 12 grow sites
  • Great pumping
  • Low maintenance costs

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11. HYDDNice Hydroponic Grow Kit

The hydroponic kit by HYDDNice with 4 large 5 gallon buckets to hold your choice of growing medium. The Dutch buckets kit is quite easy to install and use.

The kit aims at maximum convenience and fast vegetable gardening without the adverse effects of soil gardening. The product is fairly durable and is a great companion for the long run.

Other than the 4 large buckets, the complete kit comes with 4 net cups, air pumps, clear
gibbons and other necessary parts. The kit, due to its size and large capacity, is slightly on the costlier side.

Why we like this

  • Durable
  • Large capacity
  • Easy to install

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Our #1 Rated Pick

Artisun Technology Hydroponic Dutch Bucket System 8 x 11 Liter Black Buckets

You may be totally new to hydroponics or may be one of the earliest adopters, Artisun
Technology’s Dutch Bucket System will definitely not disappoint you.

Directly diving into the details, the complete kit contains 8 Dutch buckets in 2 rows of 4, a 27 gallon reservoir tank, 16 drippers, elbows and covers for the buckets, supply pipe, drain pipe, 110V AC submersible pump and a reservoir lid.

This product by Artisun is a complete Hydroponics Dutch Bucket System. The whole kit can be assembled quickly in a matter of minutes. It is very simple to use by anyone.

The drippers are automated leaving you no worries. The excess water is recycled back through the systems, preventing any wastage of water.

The Dutch buckets system is perfect for greenhouses, patios, terraces, balconies, etc. You can grow lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and other green vegetables or vines with great

Most importantly, the product is one of the most economical options available. There can be no doubt about which is the best choice here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How often should I water my Dutch bucket?

A) The watering length and frequency for Dutch buckets is sort of a moving target. It depends upon a number of variables, including day length, temperature, and stage of maturity of your plants. You’ll need to do some experimenting to determine the optimum run time for each of your irrigation cycles.

Q) How does a Dutch bucket work?

A) Each Bato bucket acts as both a host for a media bed, as well as the water and nutrient solution required for plant growth. The buckets are connected in series, and use the same water line, and the same drainage line. They can be set either on a bench or table, or directly on the floor if necessary.

Q) Is Dutch bucket safe for going fruits and vegetables?

A) The Dutch bucket system is completely safe. You can configure the system to fit a rather small space in your greenhouse. The system can easily cater for a few to numerous big fruiting plants, which you can plant in the greenhouse for a couple of months up to one year.

Q) How to maintain a Dutch bucket?

A) For ground level maintenance, one has to ensure that the surface is even so that the fittings are done without any scope of being disconnected or disjoint. For a raised platform, they need to be placed alternately and the markings need to be done such that the outlet of the bucket is fitting perfectly into the pipe. The pipe needs to be fitted with clamps so that it does not move and is in a fixed position.

Final Thoughts
To sum up, the Dutch Bucket growing system is the most simple and versatile systems to you can use in the greenhouse. Such systems provide good flexibility in design as well as in the plant varieties, which can be grown in them. The Dutch Bucket is, by all means, an effective yet easy to set-up for any indoor and outdoor hydroponic growers. If you want to have a great hydroponic system that can scale big to provide lots of home-made foods, and can grow many types of plants, the Dutch Bucket is an excellent option.

Through this guide, you now know about the best Dutch buckets available in the market. You need not worry about which product to buy as we’ve reviewed them with utmost sincerity. We’ve tried answering the most common questions, but if you still have anymore of them, feel free to mention them in the comments.

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