Woolly Pocket Living Planter Review

Woolly Pocket Living Planter planters have become an early part of gardening; you might have noticed many massive changes happening in the evolvement of gardening equipment and ideas over a year.

vertical gardening is one among them, there are many types of vertical gardening, today we are going to check about one of the vertical gardening concept evolved from the famous manufacturer “The Woolly Pocket”.

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The Woolly Pocket Living Planter Review

The planter helps you to have fun with the plants; this product is a fantastic wall planter that can be hung from the fence, rails or attached to any fence or walls with simple installation. The product has indulged a hook, which helps in mounting over the wall or fence and then attach the woolly pocket to it at any desired height.

There are options for placing or mounting it diagonally, horizontally and vertically. Woolly Pocket living planters are the modular gardening container that lets you seed any plant and put it anywhere indoor or outdoor. The pockets are made of recyclable plastic bottles.

Gardening is an art, you can make anything with them, with the woolly pockets living wall container, you can bring out your creativity, if you have children, keep the planter low so that they can help in watering the plants.

If you are looking over the sides of the woolly planters, you can check out the breathable vents help the roots to get air prune and oxygen and then relieves the excess moisture out or get evaporated. You can find a moisture barrier inside each and every pocket of the living wall planter that is totally impermeable to keep the walls, fences, railing, etc. safe.

While considering watering, you just need to find any water precision device and start watering; this way stay in the pocket for few days as these type of plants does not need much water for the growth.

The self-watering reservoir included in the living planter are made of BPA-free plastic therefore easy to hang around your walls, fences, etc. Pockets are available in multiple colors namely black, brown, green, gray, yellow, orange, etc. The built in the watering system enables the plants to get watered up to 2 weeks.

If you think you need to cover your entire garden with plants, you can make it possible with the help of these woolly pocket living planter system, as you just need less maintenance and no possibilities for the mess.

Woolly Pocket Vertical Gardening living planter comes with irrigation system, necessary hardware, liners that are accompanied by watering and soil recommendations. Each single pocket measures about 15/24 inches and is capable of holding 0.4 cubic feet of soil, and they are available with one, two, three or five pockets.

Special Feature:

The breathable vents help the roots to get air prune and oxygen.

Key features:

  • made of BPA-free plastic,
  • self-watering reservoir.


  • 2 colors: black, chocolate,
  • less maintenance.


  • Leakage.

Our Rating:   ( 4.8 / 5)

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Final Thoughts

As a lover of this Woolly Pocket Living planters, I would like to provide 8/10 points for the performance, 9 for the construction quality, 8 for ease of use, 7 for maintenance, 7 for guarantee, 8 for excitement, 7 for the value, 8 for the sustainability, 9 for the brand reputation and 5 for the self-reliance.

You will like the product if you love the idea of woolly living planters, have limited space for gardening and if you do not have much patience in maintaining or taking care of your plants in the garden.

In short, this Woolly Pocket Living Planters are best to seed any size plants at any indoor, outdoor, fences, outbacks, tabletops, railing, etc. without taking much effort.

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