T5 Light Grow Fixtures Systems

T5 Light Grow Fixtures System

Hydroponics farming is a new and efficient way to grow plants indoors using specially formulated nutrients and lighting systems. One of the many benefits of creating a hydroponics system, as opposed to traditional gardening/farming, is that plants can grow in a controlled environment that is not subject to all of the different environmental extremes that might damage or harm plants growth (e.g., frost, extreme heat, etc).

Hydroponics growing system usually consist of two key parts. First, the lighting system, which will provide an alternative to outdoor sunlight that plants might normally receive. Second, the hydroponics system, which will provide all of the nutrients and water that plants need in liquid form (instead of soil).

Selecting a good lighting system is one of the most critical parts of designing and implementing a successful hydroponics garden in your home or business location. Without a good lighting system, your plants will not be able to process the nutrients and vitamins they need to survive!

Top T5 Grow Light Fixtures system

These T5 grow light fixture system are a great lighting system not only for beginners, but also for advanced users. In other words, these lighting fixtures can provide all of the illumination needs for any type of hydroponics system, and here’s why.

T5 HO Grow Light

  • The T5 Light Growth Fixtures system sports a 6500K T5 HO Fluorescent tube which provides a rich blue spectrum of lighting – great for accelerating your plants growth during their growth stages!
  • No harmful infrared or ultraviolet radiation is produced that might harm plants.
  • The T5 system has an integrated circuit that stabilizes energy consumption and light output, so it saves energy and provides a high luminous output at the same time.
  • The light fluorescent lightbulb produces an illumination rating of 8,700 lux – which is designed to closely mimic realistic, outdoor lighting scenarios.
  • The rated lifetime for the bulb is 15,000 hours – that’s almost 2 years of continuous use!
  • Provides uniform light distributed over the entire lighting area to ensure some plants are not getting more less light than others, and to make sure individual plants receive an even amount of light across their surface area.
  • Two T5 HO fluorescent tubes use approximately 108W of total energy, ensuring the entire surface area of your indoor garden is well lit with optimal brightness.

PROS: Overall, the T5 Light Growth Fixtures system is a great entry level lighting system that can provide a continuous, high quality, light source for approximate 4 ft. of plant habitat. Coupled with a high quality hydroponic nutrient system, a single unit of these lights can provide support for the dabbling hobbyist, or if purchased in multiple units, could support an entire indoor garden! The blue spectrum lighting is excellent for providing illumination for plants during their growth stage. This means that new or young plants will grow extremely fast to their “ripening” stage, at which point they can be harvested.

CONS: Although the power usage is considered energy saving relative to other fluorescent lighting systems, this particular unit may be too much light for someone who only has a few plants. My recommendation would be to only purchase this unit if you take full advantage of the 4ft. of evenly distributed, high lumen light this unit will produce. Also the size of the unit may be too large for those looking to grow just a few plants. This is for geared towards people that want to grow a real, indoor hydroponics garden and be rewarded for the fruits of their labor! The blue spectrum lighting might not be great for plants that have long life cycles, instead this is geared towards plants that have rapid growth stages followed by harvesting (e.g., chili peppers or tomatoes).

Overall, the T5 Grow Light Fixtures system are great lighting systems for indoor hydroponics setups. Not only do they offer two color spectrums – 6500K (blue) and 3000K (red) – they can purchased in different unit sizes (i.e., up to 3 sets of lights can be purchased in a single unit). The T5 fixture system is a great kit for both beginners, due to its easy assembly and high quality output, as well as seasoned hydroponics growers.

These lighting systems could be the backbone of an entire indoor farm (if you have the space!), or just enough for a single, small garden of chili peppers. How you design your garden is really up to you, and the T5 Grow Light Fixtures systems give you the freedom to design your hydroponics setup however you like. What’s even better, is with the nearly 2 year lifespan of these lights (or more, depending on the light cycle that you program), you will not have to purchase new bulbs or lighting fixtures for years on end. With the uniform distribution and high lumen output, your plants will always receive the amount of light they need to uptake all the vital nutrients they need from the hydroponics nutrient solution that you use, as well as process those nutrients into vitamins and other essential biomolecules that plants need. This is a great series of lighting fixtures highly recommended by many hydroponics growths, both experienced and just starting out. Let these lights do all the work while you sit back and enjoy the rewards of running a successful hydroponics garden!


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