Hydroponic Strawberries for All Types of Delicious Fruit

Year-Long Sweet Strawberries

Imagine eating homegrown fresh fruit in the winter. It is possible if you grow hydroponic strawberries. Using hydroponics you can grow many fruits including strawberries year-round inside your home or a greenhouse without soil. The result is fresh, nutritious homegrown fruit at any time of the year.


There are many reasons to use hydroponics for growing fruit. The controlled environment allows you to reduce the stress of nutrient absorption and temperature fluctuations. This produces a higher quality of fruit.

Pest control is easier as most hydroponic gardens are inside your home or in a greenhouse. If problems arise, you can deal with it quickly. Unlike store-bought fruit, you will know how the fruit was grown, picked and handled.


There are three types of strawberry plants. The most common is the early summer type called the June Bearing. A newer variety called the Everbearing produces fruit all summer long. The Day-neutral variety produces fruit slowly but consistently from late spring through early fall.


There are many delicious varieties of everbearing strawberries.


  • The Picnic variety remains compact and bush-like, producing very few runners with medium-size fruit. This variety is a great choice as a border for your hydroponic strawberry garden.
  • The Albion produces more uniform fruit and in larger quantities. It is prolific and sends out many runners. These runners can be snipped off and replanted in your hydroponic garden.
  • The Fort Laramie variety can be grown in a hanging hydroponic strawberry system. It produces runners, blooms, and fruit at the same time. With this variety, you can enjoy the sweet smell of the flowers and fresh fruit at the same time.


Day Neutral

Day-neutral strawberries produce fruit throughout the regular growing season.


  • The Seascape is a variety that has a medium-sized berry and produces fruit from late spring into early fall.
  • The Quinault is short and compact. Being shorter, this variety is great for planting along the edges of a hydroponic garden and produces fruit in just a few weeks.
  • Hecker strawberries are hardy plants that tolerate cooler temperatures quite well and produce a lot of fruit.


June Bearing

The June-bearing strawberries require a longer time to produce fruit. They only produce fruit once a year if grown in a conventional garden. However, when growing June-bearing hydroponic strawberries you control the temperature, light, and nutrients allowing them to produce year-round.


  • The Benton variety produces larger quantities of fruits than other June-bearing types and is resistant to most diseases.
  • The Allstar produces many runners and forms a thick, dense carpet, making it perfect for a hydroponic garden. The fruit retains its sweetness and color even when frozen.
  • The Annapolis is less sensitive to temperature changes and tolerates a cooler environment. The fruit is uniform in shape and light red.

Hydroponic strawberries are easy to grow. By replanting the runners, you can provide yourself with fresh berries year-round. Just imagine how many new recipes you can try when you have strawberries available whenever you want them.

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