5 Best Complete Hydroponic Grow Kits

I am a fan of Hydroponics and that is why I decided to make this review of the best Complete Hydroponic Grow Kits available in the market today. online.

Well, if you don’t know already, Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil, in an artificial environment. This artificial environment is where plants absorb nutrients not from the ground and the wet air, but from strongly aerated water or a solid, but moisturized medium.

This artificial setting is most often a solution of mineral salts, prepared according to the plant’s needs. The main role of lighting in plant cultivation at home is to avoid having to grow outside which is either illegal or difficult for most people.

So, why would you buy hydroponic grow kits? Well, although natural sunlight may be the best setting for plants, their life cycle is easier to control when you have artificial lighting because the life cycle is determined by how many hours of light you have per day.

Having a complete grow kit can make it way easier for most growers to cultivate plants at home.

So, who needs a hydroponic grow kit?

Well, any grower looking to get started growing at home or anyone who just wants to expand their operation, hydroponic grow kits are great because they simplify the process by giving you everything that you need.

Typically a full kit would include numerous parts, such as pots, a table, a stand, a reservoir, a lid, a pump, tubing & fittings, bulbs, a fan, a thermometer/hygrometer, and timers. Let’s go through the best that I have had the privilege to use or know someone who uses them.

Top 5 Complete Hydroponic Grow Kits

Here are some of the best examples of complete hydroponic grow kits on the market. You might ask how I came up with the list? Well, as I indicated, I have used some of these and one or two, I know someone who owns and has used them. Here we go.

1. Hydro Grow Room Full Kit With Emily’s Garden, 2′ X 2′ X 4′

The Hydro Grow Room with Emily’s Garden is one of the best systems on the market! It is a complete hydroponic grow kit that’s number one on the list for a reason!

Not only is it affordable, but this kit includes everything you need to start your indoor gardening.

The set is ready to grow with a tent (2′ x 2′ x 4’). This size of the tent allows you to fit it into a closet or a small space in order to start a small growing operation or expand the one you already have.

The package comes with a timer to ensure that your plants’ light cycles are right. It also comes with light hanger movers so that you can get your light as close to the plants as possible without harming them. This complete hydroponic grow kit also comes with an air filter (4″), a mini fan, a thermometer, a 150 watt light system, non-insulated ducting (4″), and an inline fan.

As you can see, this product really has everything you would need.

Taking it out of the box and using it, we were thrilled to see that the instructions were easy to follow and putting it together was a breeze. This complete hydroponic grow kit is made out of heavy, high-quality materials. You can tell by putting it together that the make is sturdy and that it will last. Plus, it comes at a very reasonable price!

You can buy The Hydro Grow Room with Emily’s Garden Here

2. Viagrow White Flood and Drain Benched System

The Viagrow White Flood and Drain Benched System (3 ft. x 3 ft. ) with a Light Stand and Electronic Dimmable System (400 Watt) will arrive at your home with everything you need to start your growing plant station. This is a very high quality, reputable complete hydroponic grow kit.

While it may not be the biggest complete hydroponic tent kit out there, it is designed well enough to hold up to 16 plants. Talk about the effective use of space!

Your plants will receive the perfect amount of water, nutrients, and oxygen, due to the automated and optimized method of ebb and flow. A lot of research has gone into this system. It is honestly one of the easiest complete hydroponic grow kits to use.

It is specially constructed to give you rapid growth rates and churn out huge, quality plants with bigger nutritional values, and an enhanced fragrance and aroma.

When you take the kit out of the box, you can see that it is constructed out of very high-quality materials.

The instructions weren’t the easiest in the world to follow, but we were able to put it together pretty fast.

All in all, we were blown away by how good this system was at optimizing space and at how great it was at using its classic ebb and flow system to give us the best quality plants that we could ask for.

Click to check The Viagrow White Flood and Drain Benched System

3. Organic Grow Room Kit, 2′ X 2′ X 4′

The Organic Grow Room Kit is one of the most unique and customizable products out there. It will not disappoint you! It allows you to use it for whatever special needs you may have in your growing operation.

When you purchase this kit, you will receive the very high-quality tent with a reflective mylar interior. It is made of some extremely high-quality materials that will definitely stand the test of time. The heavy fabric and quality sturdy zippers block light from both the outside and inside making it a very good kit.

It comes with 2 pots with saucers (10”), an on/off light system with quality HPS light bulbs, a 4” air filter, an inline fan that is very good at keeping the air in your grow tent fresh and clean for the plants, a thermometer/hygrometer, a mini fan, a timer, and Viagrow Coco coir media. So it is certainly a complete hydroponic kit that will not disappoint.

The best feature of this product is that you can adjust the tent to whatever size, which is amazing. This makes it perfect for the grower who not only wants a complete hydroponic kit, but they want something that they can customize their setup.

Buy the Organic Grow Room Kit here

4. Hydro Grow Room Kit- Deluxe, 4′ X 8′ X 7’

In this one, we have yet another high quality and versatile complete hydroponic grow kit.

The huge tent comes with a heavy, high-quality fabric and a super reflective mylar interior. This growing system kit comes ready to use, and contains stands, gallon pots for all your needs, flood tables (2 3’ x 3’), reservoirs and lids, two pumps, tubes and fittings, a quality on/off light system, a 4” carbon air filter that is nearly factory quality, a great inline fan, ducting with ports that close while not in use or cinch shut while in use, a thermometer, a mini fan, and two timers.

That’s a lot of stuff coming in one complete hydroponic grow tent kit!

When we received this kit and opened it up, we were blown away by all the quality features and the great price.

The carbon filter made a huge difference inside the tent. It is clear that the manufacturer pays a lot of attention to detail. The quality of this product was just pristine, and every time we used it we felt lucky to have it at such a good price.

Buy the Hydro Grow Room Kit- Deluxe 4′ X 8′ X 7’ here

This far into these product reviews, we thought we could share some info on how to properly use your complete hydroponic grow kits in order to have the best output from your plants.

First, you should make sure to get as much light as possible to your plants. That’s why many of these products have reflective interiors, in order to really increase the light level in the room. Using a timer, like included in many of the complete hydroponic grow kits is a great idea, and it’s also very important to make sure not to blast your plants with light while they are “sleeping” or it is dark in the room.

5. CubePot Line 5+1

So, last, but definitely not least, we have the CubePot Line 5+1.

This complete hydroponic grow kit blew all of our minds away because of how sophisticated it is. The CubePot can take care of all your hydroponic needs and it’s really perfect for anyone. A master grower with very high standards will be pleased. A new grower will be ecstatic with all the great features of this product.

DWC CubePot Line 5+1 is a complete hydroponic kit system with an active nutrient solution circulation system. This allows your plants to be nutrient-rich and of high quality.

This unit has five operating tanks arranged in series, which are directly intended for the cultivation of plants. This kit also has 5 ring dispensers and a high-performance air compressor that provides excellent aeration of the roots while saturating the solution with oxygen.

CubePot Line 5+1 has a 32mm drain pipe which is really amazing because most of the drain pipes in the hydroponic industry are just 16mm. This drain pipe controls the overflow and protects against flooding.

Aerators are positioned at the bottom of the containers- underneath the pot plants. The result is a constant flow of air bubbles trapped in the root system, which provides the roots with free oxygen.

The draining system is very convenient and it is easy to maintain. All in all, this one is the easiest kit to use, the most versatile, and the best. If you have the cash, we definitely recommend that you pick this one up!

To wrap up our product review here, we need to say that growing plants hydroponically is simple, accessible and fun for any lover of plants- whether a beginner or a professional.

But before you buy a hydroponic system, make sure you do your research carefully and see which growing kit will best meet your budget and your needs.

We hope that this article was helpful to you. You should now be able to make a more informed choice about your green indoor adventure!

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