Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs

Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs

More and more people are turning to gardening as a hobby. Some are even making a profession out of it because of the growth and legalization of the cannabis industry. However, a lot of people do have the outdoor space to plant a garden. Many have turned their basements or indoor porches into garden beds. This means they have to use artificial light to allow their plants to grow since they are not under sunlight.

A way to accomplish this is by using fluorescent grow light bulbs. But, finding the one that will best work for the gardener can be challenging. That is why this review is going to cover Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs. Choosing the right light bulb can enhance the growth of the plants throughout the year.

Uses of Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs

As mentioned earlier, these bulbs are primarily used in hydroponics farming. Hydroponics is part of hydroculture. This kind of farming places no limits on when plants can be grown and whether it is day or night. Here are a few of the thing fluorescent bulbs can be used for:

  1. Cannabis Growing – Most cannabis farmers are turning to hydroponic farming to ensure the growth of their product year around.
  2. Flowers – A lot of florists are turning to this type of farming to make sure they have fresh flowers for their clients.
  3. Vegetables – Many people like to have fresh vegetable year around. Hydroponics and fluorescent light bulbs allow them to grow vegetables in any environment and throughout the year.
  4. Spices – People who like spicy foods are turning to fresh spices. In order to grow these type of plants, some use these light bulbs to grow a variety of spices because of the freshness of the plant once it is picked. The fresher the spice, the more flavor it provides.

Best Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs

  • This Apollo fluorescent light bulb weighs 1.5 pounds if you purchase the 2-foot size. However, they can be purchased up to the 4-foot length. The smaller size is best used for smaller spaces, but remember, as long as the light touches the plant, there is no limit to how many plants can grow under one light.
  • The T5 is a designation to the size of the fluorescent bulb. In this case, the “T” designates it is tubular and the “5” means its diameter measure 5/8 of an inch. Again, making this bulb one of the better to use in a smaller growing area.
  • Artificial light sources can lose their brightness over the course of their life. The Apollo light bulb is manufactured to lose only about 10 percent of its luminescence over its life.
  • The life span of the Apollo fluorescent bulb is 20,000 hours of usage. Therefore, many customers like using this product and rate it high in quality. That means it will easily last more than two years.
  • Less energy usage is another feature of the Apollo bulbs. While LED bulbs are expensive, the Apollo fluorescent light bulb is less costly and uses less wattage than other fluorescent light bulbs, making it a cost-effective way of gardening.
  • Produces better light than another fluorescent lighting. While many of the other fluorescent light bulbs on the market are less expensive, they lose their lighting. Apollo bulbs are priced well and illuminate an area much better than other similar products on the market.
  • Heat is another feature of the Apollo bulb. This fluorescent bulb put out only 6400K of heat, making it one of the coolest fluorescent lights on the market without losing brightness.

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  1. Cost-Effective – While many similar products are cheaper, the Apollo bulb provides more bang for the buck and uses less wattage. These bulbs are also much cheaper than any LED on the market.
  2. Brightness – Loses very little brightness over its life-span.
  3. Size – The size can fit any area, as long as it is over 2 feet.
  4. Luminous – The area covered by the Apollo bulb does not diminish over time. Unlike many other similar brands.
  5. Heat – By only producing 6400K of heat during operation, the Apollo fluorescent grows light bulbs is considered one of the coolest on the market. This makes it safer to work around when cultivating the garden.


  1. Flowering Stage – Many farmers find they need to purchase a red light during the flowering phase of the plant grow when they use this Apollo bulb.
  2. Life Span – While Apollo bulbs have an adequate life span for fluorescent bulbs, it is still only about have the lifespan found with LED growing bulbs.
  3. Ballast – Not all the Apollo bulbs have ballasts built into the produce. Make sure the fixture has a ballast for this type of light bulbs.


Here are a few common questions asked by consumers during the pre-selling stage:

  • Can this light bulb be used to illuminate an aquarium? The answer is no. These bulbs put out too much heat for aquatic animals to live.
  • Are these bulbs high output? These are high output fluorescent light bulbs.
  • Does this bulb fit the T12 fixture? No, it only fits into a T5 fixture. The T12 fixtures are no longer allowed by the government and are too big for this size light bulb.
  • Can these be used on flowers and vegetables? The Apollo bulb can be used on all living plants, including flowers and vegetables.
  • What wattage are these bulbs? The Apollo bulb is 24 watts, which is twice as much wattage as the earlier version of this product.


The final verdict on the Apollo Horticulture 6400K T5 fluorescent grows light bulbs concludes that these are a top 5 fluorescent bulbs for hydroponic farming. A lot of plants can be grown under each light bulb because of the luminous features of this product. They will not burn up the plants, unlike other hotter fluorescent bulbs or sodium light bulbs. These are better for warmer climates because it will not add much heat to an indoor garden area. A farmer can save a lot of money over time and get good growth throughout the year with these light bulbs.

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