15 Useful and Elegant Gardening & Harvesting Aprons

Ask anyone who does it, gardening is a lot of fun. It takes a lot of patience to be a gardener and in return you get double the satisfaction. But gardening and Harvesting can also lead to your clothes getting dirty and nobody likes that. To protect your clothes, there is a huge range of gardening and harvesting aprons available that can make your life a whole lot easier. These aprons also allow you to carry your tools so that you don’t always have to carry all the tools in your hands and keep them on the ground.

In this comprehensive guide, we have reviewed the 15 best available gardening and harvesting aprons. We’ve also provided the answers to the questions that you need to know before making your purchase. First we look at the major factors that you need to look for in any gardening and harvesting apron.

Basis of review


The gardening apron is basically another garment but with a specific purpose, i.e. gardening and harvesting. Just like all your other clothes, the apron must fit well to your body. Of course, the size completely depends on your body type.

Material of Product

For gardening and harvesting, aprons with sturdy build materials are preferred. The material of the apron must be durable enough to last long and safely carry all your gardening tools.

Colour and Comfort

This factor is related to the aesthetics and feel of the gardening and harvesting apron you wear. The colour need not be too light or bright. The apron must fit comfortably not causing you any inconvenience.

Number of pockets

The number of pockets of the gardening and harvesting apron doesn’t just affect the look of the apron but is also a factor towards its functionality. The number and size of the tools you carry are in direct relation with the number of pockets.

Gardening and Harvesting Aprons Reviewed

1. HappyPicnic Gardening Apron

HappyPicnic Gardening Apron is a good fit for a wide range of sizes due to an adjustable belt. With a fashionable design, it looks good on both men and women.

The material is light and durable. The apron is waterproof, suitable to your gardening needs. It is made up of EVA coated canvas.

The apron has 6 pockets. The pockets can hold tools securely in place, they are deep enough to avoid the tools fall out. The apron can also be used for carpentry and other jobs.

2. Oxford Cloth Work Apron Garden Apron

The Oxford Cloth apron by xt is made of high quality durable and breathable cloth. It has 14 easy to reach pockets. The size is adjustable up to XXL.

Due to the number of pockets, the garden tool apron is big enough to organize your hammers, screws, pencils, knives and other tools.

The apron has a unique shoulder strap design. The reinforced edges and pockets can prevent any abrasion and scratches.

3. SYOOY Garden Apron

This gardening and harvesting apron is a very durable offering from SYOOY. The build material provides great resistance to stains, cuts or scratches.

It is made of 600D Oxford cloth and is only available in green colour. It has adjustable neck and belt with a quick release buckle.

The inner side of the apron is made of vinyl. The apron is suitable for gardening, carpentry,
welding and so on.

4. NoCry Professional Canvas Work Apron

This really good looking apron is perfect for gardening and harvesting as well as for arts and crafts and home improvement projects. It has an appealing red and black colour combination.

The apron has 16 tool pockets making easy to hold different tools safely. The waist strap belt adjusts from 25 to 55 inches.

The short cut makes it easy to twist, bend or kneel while working. The quick release buckle is easy to fasten without any straps or strings to tie.

5. Parva Garden Gardening Apron

This gardening and harvesting apron is specifically aimed at women. The material used is cotton twill.

It has two large pockets. The top centered pocket is made to carry your smartphone. It has a Velcro closure to keep your phone safe. The top pocket can also be used to keep things like money or keys.

The apron is waterproof making it suitable for gardening as well a work utility apron. The apron is machine washable. It is safe to launder in a dryer.

6. Mydays Canvas Garden Tool Apron

This gardening apron made of canvas is available in two designs namely cactus and tan. The ergonomic design ensures that the weight is evenly distributed by the padded shoulders.

The waxed canvas apron is highly durable with good resistance to wear and tear. The straps are built for zero neck rub.

The size is adjustable up to 55 inches. It has 14 easy to reach and handy pockets. The apron is perfect for gardeners, machinists and electricians.

7. Roo Garden Apron -The Joey

The Roo is a Pacific Northwest based gardening company. Its gardening apron aptly named The Joey is available in two colours Purple Orchid and Leaf Green.

The cylinder chute of the apron allows you to deposit your gardening collection without any fear of fallout.

The adjustable cotton straps fit any size comfortably. The material used is industrial strength cotton. This makes the apron machine washable. The storage pouch is made of nylon.

8. SWISSELITE Garden Apron

The Swisselite Garden Apron is available in 5 colours: Black, Blue, Dark Blue, Green and Yellow. The material used is 900D Oxford Canvas.

The straps are made of nylon and leather for extra strength and durability. The apron is soft and waterproof. The pockets are deep.

The adjustable belt design allows a great fit for people of all sizes. The Harding and addition is easy to clean and safe to launder in washer or dryer.

9. Typhon East Garden Apron

The apron from Typhon East comes with knee pads to prevent any knee pain while gardening. The pockets are designed to be deeper.

The apron is made up of weather resistant fabric. It is waterproof. The apron has a zippered pocket that’s great for holding a cellphone.

The adjustable buckle strap allows for a great fit for men and women. The set is a great gift for gardening lovers.

10. Truly Garden Garden Apron

This gardening and harvesting apron and gardening tool belt is made up of 600D polyester. The material will last for many years.

The tool holder contains 5 pockets, including a zippered pocket for a notebook or valuables, a large locket for tools and smaller pockets for seed packets.

It also has a water bottle holder. Additional features include a snapping loop for grafting and a grommet on the back to make it easy to hang the apron.

11. FAME Adult's 3 Pocket Apron

This small sized apron by FAME is available in a huge range of colours. The apron is made of 65/35 poly-cotton twill.

The material is meant to be durable and long lasting. It is protected by ProDura Soil Release finish.

The stress points are bartacked. It is not water proof or highly wear resistant but is easily
washable. A good and affordable option for in-home and other soft gardening.

12. Roo Garden Apron

The Roo Garden Apron is available in 5 shades: Charcoal Gray, Leaf Green, Pink Peony and
Purple Orchid. The size is adjustable.

The easy to access pouch in the apron is made to hold vegetables, berries, or anything else that you harvest.

The storage pockets are good for holding any handheld outdoor gardening tool. The material used is industrial strength canvas cotton. The product is machine washable.

13. Ardermu Garden Fruit Picking Apron

This apron by Ardermu is especially aimed at fruit picking, as the name rightly suggests. It has a large fruit picking pocket.

The apron is made of heavy duty Oxford cloth with good quality sewing making the product durable and long lasting. It has a back cross strap that helps release shoulder pressure while picking.

The bottom flap can be easily unhooked to unload directly. The garden apron frees up your
hands when climbing a ladder or using a pole fruit picker.

14. Junshu Garden Apron

This apron is also aimed at the task of fruit picking. The offering by Junshu has a large fruit picking bag like pocket.

The material is used is thickened Oxford cloth and canvas. The empty bottom design makes it easy to release contents without any hassle.

The design releases your hands granting you the ability to work easily. The high quality sewing makes this option very durable for the long run.

15. Barebones Waxed Canvas Gathering Bag

The gardening and harvesting apron by Barebones is inspired by vintage orchard design. The straps allow comfortable chest and back carrying.

The material used is waxed canvas. It is both water resistant and weather resistant. It is non-absorbent.

The bottom drop mechanism allows easy unloading. The apron is highly durable and a perfect option for gathering and carrying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How many pockets do I need in my apron?

A) To know how many pockets you need, you need to ask yourself what kind of gardener are you? If you carry several tools, you need more pockets. If you carry larger tools, you need deeper pockets.

Q) Is this Apron washable?

A) Gardening and harvesting aprons will obviously get dirty. You need to choose a material that is easy to clean. The material should be long lasting and have the quality of being washed in a washing machine.

Q) What kind of material is it made of?

A) Gardening and harvesting aprons can be made of different materials. These include nylon, polyester, polyethylene and so on. You need to look out for the material which is long lasting and easy to wash.

Q) What is this Apron used for?

A) Aprons can be used while cooking. They can be used by butchers and cobblers. They can even be used by kids while playing. You need to specifically look out for aprons made for gardening and harvesting.

Q) Is it waterproof or not?

A) Gardening involves a lot of water. You would not want an apron that gets your inner clothing all soaked up when it gets in contact with water. Waterproof aprons are always preferred for gardening and harvesting.

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