Benefits of Hydroponics

Hydroponic Benefits

The long list of the benefits of hydroponics, is just one reason the number of hydroponic enthusiasts has grown substantially in recent years. Then as more people look for ways to reduce their “footprint” upon the earth’s natural resources, the list of benefits continues to grow.

Can Grow Anywhere

One of the most obvious benefits of hydroponics is that it allows you to grow crops in areas that are soil-poor or where soil is non-existent. In fact, many areas of the world have nutrient poor soil because they have depleted their existing soil through repeated plantings and improper or nonexistent crop rotation.
Since hydroponic gardening is set up in a greenhouse or other structure, hydroponic farming eliminates the need to clear areas of land for farming such as rainforests and other threatened habitats.

Wise Water Usage

Water conservation and hydroponics may seem to be contradictory, but actually, they are not. Wise water use is a major benefit of hydroponics as many soil-based farming practices result in large amounts of wasted water. Hydroponic gardens use up to ten times less water than most outdoor gardens or farms. Hydroponic water is recycled and plants only absorb as much water as they need, eliminating both under and over watering.

Eliminates Pesticides

The reduced use of pesticides is another one of the benefits of hydroponics. Since hydroponic gardens grow inside a closed environment, there are fewer pests attacking the plants. Soil harbors a number of pests and diseases that don’t make an appearance with hydroponics. Eliminating soil and using hydroponic gardening techniques reduces the need to spray pesticides, which can threaten the environment and consumer health.

Weeds are Non-Existent

Physically challenged or disabled gardeners are often unable to grow the kind of gardens they desire as they find they are unable to dig up, weed and cultivate a typical garden. Hydroponic gardens are grown indoors and plants can be elevated to the gardener’s level, instead of requiring stooping and kneeling to get to the plants. Weeds are non-existent which eliminates the strenuous chore of repeated weeding and mulching.

Larger Yields

Standard farming practices always call for proper spacing between plants, to avoid overcrowding and to allow each plant to develop without competition from its neighbor. Hydroponic planting techniques are the opposite. Plants are placed close to each other since each plant has constant access to nutrient rich water. This means hydroponic gardening yields are bigger, producing more robust crops per square foot of planted area than a typical dirt garden.
One of the biggest benefits of hydroponics is the ability to grow crops any time of the year, regardless of the outside conditions. The indoor climate of hydroponics creates a perfect growing environment and allows plants to thrive and produce all year round.

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